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In 1988 the Newcastle Knights donned red and blue jerseys and ran out onto the playing field for the first time. Our charter was simple and was carried out to the letter – play with courage and commitment and represent yourself and your town with pride.

Our mission was to be the player others wanted to play with

The Knights football club went on to forge rugby league history. Producing some of the greatest players the game has ever seen and winning premierships in 1997 and 2001.

1997 also marked the year that a casual 10-year reunion of the club’s players and officials grew into something much bigger – the Newcastle Knights Once a Knight Old Boys.

About Us -


Incorporated in 2003, The Once a Knight Old Boys are now the leading Old Boys organisation in the NRL, with membership in excess of 200, including some of the most influential figures in the game.

The Knights Old Boys have built a brand that is known throughout the country, raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy causes and helped strengthen the culture of one of the proudest clubs in rugby league.

The strength of the Old Boys is the simple, forthright resolve that we have never wavered from:

Our Purpose: Mateship. History. Culture


– To support the Newcastle Knights Football Club
– To provide a social forum for Knights Old Boys to remain connected, strengthen mateships and support each other when required.
– To act as gatekeeper to the Knights rich history and culture. Providing a link between today’s team and the achievements of the past
– To raise funds, enabling appropriate support for community, charities, junior rugby league, the Newcastle Knights, and Old Boy members in times of need.

About Us -